Wyatt Williams

Wyatt Williams

Assistant Performance Coach


NSCA Certified Personal Trainer Washburn University- BS Exercise and Rehab Sciences- May 2022

About Coach

I hail from small-town Kansas. I played many sports growing up and through high school. Such as baseball, football, soccer, basketball and etc. High school is where I would define as my take-off point. I connected with a personal trainer and together we worked towards competitive powerlifting where I got 3rd in the 3A State meet in 2017. And it was that connection that drove me to pursue and provide similar connections for other athletes on their own journeys. I am currently enrolled at Washburn University where is am pursuing a bachelor of science in Exercise and Rehab Sciences. Paired with college, I'm striving to learn how to be the best coach I can be through coaching and learning from the experience I gain in the field.

Turning Point

My turning point would have to be the time I spent learning at KU. I was falling behind in my classes, and I thought the only way out was to switch majors. So I ended up both studying and working in a field I wasn't at all interested in for a year. That field being finance. I had also found a job that was a resume builder for later in my finance career. After my second week there, I could really tell that the desk I sat behind and the screens I stared at weren't going to be my friends. But the job task was rather simple and it came with modest pay. After my second semester at KU, I took a hard look at myself and really asked what was best for me. I wasn't stoked to be in finance and behind a desk, but the long-term growth in that field is exponential. But, I also had a passion and joy of working out and I knew I wanted to be a coach for athletics in some way. So at that point, I had two decisions. I can continue to be semi-comfortable where I am at in my finance degree and working 30 hours a week behind a desk, and not be entirely happy with it. Or I can find the program that I like and pursue the knowledge that I'm interested in learning so that I can get my dream job and be happy with what I chose to do for the rest of my life. So I made the switch to Washburn where I'm very happy with the program, and I'm also thrilled to be in working in the setting I truly believe I belong.

Motivation & Passion

My one main drive is being able to create a super fun environment where my clients/athletes can enjoy their workout, but also feel entirely at home while achieving their own greatness. That was the feeling I had when I was with my trainer in high school. I always looked forward to going into that facility to meet all the friendly faces for the third time that week. I felt like I was a part of the family that made that gym home to all of us clients and our coaches. That is what I want to create in my own career. I want to build a place for you to become a better you by creating trackable progress in strength, body measurements, functional fitness, and athletics to top it off. But also be sure that we can have some laughs along the way. Because what's the fun in coming to the gym just to "suffer" through another workout?

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