Wyatt Williams

Wyatt Williams

Director of Performance (Swim & Tactical)


BS in Exercise and Rehab Science - Washburn University 2022

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist - 2023

NSCA Certified Personal Trainer - 2021

About Coach

I have always been a go-getter. I like to make my passion present with the effort I put forth to the world. In high school, I played a multitude of sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, football, and powerlifting just to name a few. I graduated from Washburn University with my Bachelor of Science in 2022 all while having the opportunity to work with the athletes here at Evolution Athletics. I also interned with Team EXOS at their performance facility in Frisco, TX to finish up my remaining credits at Washburn. During my time interning in Frisco, I had the pleasure to work around many current and retired NFL pros, a number of elite golfers and their youth golf academy, collegiate football and baseball players, plus a WNBA player from Austria and an MLB pitcher. Since my return to Kansas, I have also taken a position with Bishop Seabury Academy as the Strength and Conditioning coach for the correlated elective. I am ready to deliver what I have learned thus far to the athletes that I coach while assisting them in furthering their athletic careers.

Turning Point

There are certain qualities that one can possess that others can define. Two qualities that I would use to describe myself are driven and competitive. Now flashback to when I changed my major to finance at KU, when I worked behind a desk, and my free time was consumed by screen time. I knew this is not what made me happy or how I wanted to describe myself to others. I didn't fit in, nor did I like the feeling of being part of the huge school that is KU. So I made a change and transferred to Washburn, where I switched back to the program where I now have my Bachelor of Science. I also made the change from a desk job to getting experience as a personal trainer before I felt I was qualified to offer my services to Tyler here at Evolution Athletics. Combine the switch to a smaller, more like home, school with joining the team here at EA, I am proud to call myself a coach and consider it a privilege to be coaching for a living.

Motivation & Passion

In high school, I heard that one of my friends was seeing a personal trainer, and he was doing phenomenal on and off the football field. I prompted my parents to look into it, and thankfully I was able to have my own trainer. It was through my relationship with him that I found an unparalleled passion for the weight room. He created such a good space for me, that it drove me to create a similar space for other kids in my position. I can faithfully say, that my time at EA and anywhere else that I have coached has provided me the amazing opportunity to create unforgettable relationships with the athletes, clients, and myself.

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