Steven Cowser

Steven Cowser

Assistant Performance Coach

Squat 395

Deadlift 450

Bench 305

Mile 5:42

400m 53 seconds






About Coach

I’ve had a rough road growing up with poor influences in my life. It occurred to me that we help create our own environment with the community around us. That’s exactly where the fuel for my training and coaching fire comes from. The energy spread among a group of like-minded individuals is so contagious that I too learn from those I coach and become motivated in my own successes. I’ve collectively ran brutal obstacle course races, a marathon, hiked multiple 14k ft mountains, and stood tall on a power lifting podium. The best part is that there’s still a lot of road ahead of me.

Turning Point

The influential turning point in my life is when I discovered who I was. My only enemy I’ve ever had was myself. At that moment, fears became challenged and I started to focus on what was most important to me: fitness. I started in massage school, made my way to personal training, followed by a long-awaited four-year Bachelor of Science in kinesiology at Washburn University. Soon, I will roll up my sleeves and see what the world of chiropractic medicine has to offer.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose of coaching is to integrate all aspects of success to those I work with. Whether the objective is holistic health or athletics, it becomes my goal as well. I wish to be a source of accountability that I can provide with undoubting trust.

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